Product Samples Famme

What is a sample tester - fit model?

The role of a sample tester is to provide feedback on garments, mtp. size, fit and how the garment feels. The goal is to everything which is produced is normal in size,sits well and feels good to wear. It usually takes a couple of rounds of product samples before you achieve the desired result.

Feel free to participate in product development team "famme product development" on facebook to see what we work on before you sign up.

Fit model

The role of a Fit Model at Famme is all about teamwork. You will work together with our designers, buyers and pattern makers and play an important role by giving feedback on the fit, movement and feel of the garment. In the fitting sessions you will work closely with our team who much appreciate to see and try on our garments on a person rather than a test dummy.

Famme is currently recruiting for fit models in all sizes to work in our buying office in Oslo. With your help and feedback we can ensure the right fit and feel for all sizes. We are working under high pressure and in constant movement so you need to be well organized and flexible.