Ambassadør for Famme treningsklær til dame

Become a Famme ambassador

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

As a Famme ambassador, you will be our external face. Our ambassadors are healthy, active and ambitious, and spread training joy and positive energy in their channels.

As part of our ambassador team, you get the opportunity to test out the latest in training clothing. You will receive a personal discount code that you can share with your followers, and receive a commission on the sales made using the code.

Conditions and requirements

As an ambassador, the following must be done:

After the products have been received, the following requirements apply , unless otherwise agreed.


  • Minimum 1 post per outfit in the form of a photo or video in the month that fronts the discount code. All garments received must be promoted in the feed.
  • Minimum 4 stories that front the discount code.
  • The profile must be public and the images posted during the collaboration period must be kept visible.

Discount code

  • Your code will be shared during promotion. You must promote the code to the best of your ability so that you increase the likelihood of use.
  • Send us pictures of the products


  • If you are satisfied with a product, publish a review with pictures on the product page for that specific product. The review should be objective and help customers choose a size, and should not promote your discount code or contain other information that is not relevant to the product. You must not post positive reviews about products you are not satisfied with. Remember that you have a free exchange right, even on sponsored products

Competitive cooperation

  • It is not permitted to advertise competing brands during the collaboration period. That is, other brands that sell training clothes for women.

End the collaboration?

  • It is important that the collaboration is profitable and rewarding for both parties. If you as an ambassador are not motivated enough or if the content posted does not match our requirements, the collaboration can be terminated at any time. This applies to both parties. In the event of non-posting, you can choose between paying for the garments, or sending them back.

    Right of return and exchange

    You are not obliged to promote any goods you receive for free if you do not wish to keep the goods. Clothes should only be promoted if you can vouch for the clothes with your hand on your heart. You have the right to return and exchange anything received free of charge in the same way as other customers. That is that you can return the garment at our expense if necessary.

    Breach of conditions and termination of cooperation

    In the following cases, we have the rights to pause/temporarily deactivate the code, delete cashback/bonuses and ask for products to be returned:

    • Promotion of dangerous/health-damaging products.
    • Carrying out illegal activities, personal attacks or racist actions/statements.
    • Failure to mark posts / stories as advertising if the garments have been received free of charge.
    • Low quality of images / video. If we consider that the quality of the content is too low, the collaboration can be terminated. This is an individual assessment.
    • Lack of promotion

      Content rights/intellectual property

      Famme can use all images, videos or other content created with clothes from Famme. All content can be used free of charge by Famme without an expiry date and for all commercial purposes, including in advertising, on our website etc.

      Invoice and payment information

    • EHF invoice is sent to Famme AS (organ no. 913300319), possibly pdf-invoice to
    • Enter a comment in the invoice with your Instagram username
    • "Order line" on the invoice can have the description "promotion for fatme <month>"
    • The invoice date must be set to the last day of the month for which it is promoted, with 14 days due.
    • Valid orders for which payment is made are non-cancelled and non-returned orders paid with money. The value is calculated from the selling price, e.g. VAT
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